Issues rendering inflow water in a tansparent glass...

I’ve been testing fluids in blender and i cant render transparent water inside that glass any ideas or help will be welcome. i attached a jpg file and the blend file to make things easier.

i forgot to say im using yafray to render the whole thing for more details please look inside the blend file thanks :slight_smile:



test03_fluids_transp.blend (145 KB)

On the YafrayPanel in the Rendersettings You can set the Raydepth.
In your file it’s 5. This is not enough for 2 interacting Transparent Objects
Try it with about 8 or even 10.


Hi Pat,

I appreciate very much your help you re absolutely right i raised raydepth to 9 in this render and this is the result. Im very happy! :yes:

im uploading a jpg to see the result…

thanks again


Be my guest! :slight_smile:

I’m glad, it’s working now.