Issues with collisions, "touch", and camera

Hello all, This is my first time to these forums :).

The collisions and touches are doing absolutely nothing… I’m trying to get jumping to work, so my idea was to not allow the jump if it’s not on the ground (as a property of the terrain or any other object I want).

Camera is rather glitchy, shaking randomly.

The camera is following a softbody which is being pushed around with Force using the keyboard. The collisions are also with this shape.
Is there a bug in 2.48 that doesn’t allow detection of collisions with softbodies?

I’m also trying to set the linear stiffness of the shape and shape matching threshold during the game, but I have no idea.

Bump… Anyone even here? o.O

all those things are not implemented for softbodies by now

touch and collision don’t work with soft bodies, I’m pretty sure. I think the camera is shaky because the soft body’s center is moving around alot. I’m not completely sure on either matter.

again, soft bodies were just introduced, dont expect to use them extensively by now, check out the softbody page in wiki to see what can be done with them by now ^^