Issues with Exported Game

Hopefully this will be my last post regarding problems my game.

Dynamic text and the background color seem to have broken in my exported game.
Within Blender, everything functions as intended (left).
After being exported, these errors occur (right). Notice the black squares in place of the numbers on my hud.

I’m not sure what causes this, I’ll give details upon request. Please help.
Thanks in advance.

Are you using a load executable that starts the game in external .blend by any chance? How did you implement the BG color? Check paths and file packing?

Either pack textures or move them to the relative path of the exported game.

I used the export as runtime feature, and all the textures were packed. The background color in the menu was just the horizon color of the world. Does the runtime not support overlay scenes or something? This is the only way I could properly implement my menu. Yes, I’m big n00b. I really don’t know the first thing about python or this runtime.

Here is the blend file if you want it. Sorry if it’s big, everything should already be packed.

Its pretty messy too. I know.

Well TBH running it crashes my PC and I don’t care to dig too deep in it. What on earth is that bpy panel script and have you tried removing it?

I’m cleaning everything up as we speak; removing textures and script that went unused. I see nothing in my scripts by that name, only track, mouse, and a game property, whose function I’ve long forgot and has already deleted. I was just hoping this was a known bug with a known solution. :no: