Issues with GLTF export that has boolean animation

So I had made this model with an artist I’m working with, but we later had the idea to put it up on his website as the media player, the idea is just basically there is a alpha textured cube that is the boolean object of the waveforms of the songs, and i move the alpha cube to the speed of the song, so i did just that and exported a gltf and glb, my buddy who was doing the code work for it sent me a link to an online gltf viewer and when i click to play the animation on the viewer, nothing changes, its just on the first frame. So I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with how to properly export a boolean animation so that it comes out clean in the gltf file?

Any help would be greatlyyy appreciated

here’s a link to the dropbox with the blender file and gltf and glb file.

This is the video of how it should be (minus the clipping here and there ofcourse)

It won’t be possible to export animated inputs to a modifier; the modifier needs to be baked at export time. One flexible option is to bake this to a sequence of meshes and show each one in turn (Export bezier curve animation as .gltf and/or .fbx - #4 by donmccurdy). Unfortunately that may result in a pretty large file in this case… something based on Shape Keys or Armatures would probably be better but I’m not sure how to configure that here.

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I tried that but as soon as i click to export out the mdd, it just goes into that semi frozen mode blender does when something is loading, but after like 10 minutes its still like that. Any thoughts on ways to speed that up? or does that just mean it cant really be done this way?

Hm, it is a lot of data getting baked to MDD this way. Perhaps it’s too much in this case. :confused:

The other options (skinning, shape keys) involve a fair bit of reworking the animation unfortunately.

If you’re trying to get this model on the web, it may be easier to export it statically and then use something like three.js clipping planes to re-create the animation effect shown. Here’s an example using clipping planes and stencils: