Issues with Rig

Teaching myself rigging, created a rig for a boar, setup most of the rig with no problems, getting some massive distortions after parenting the head controller to the ribs/back joint

Don’t see this as a weights issue as the mesh more or less moves correctly until the parenting breaks the deforms and the mesh goes crazy. Had almost no issues with the rig until the parenting.

Can’t attach a video so have uploaded a clip to this link:
Not sure the best way to resolve this.

Let me know if you can’t access the link.

What version of Blender? Post a blend file here if you don’t want guesses.

But here is my first guess. Check your console window for dependency issues.

Thanks, I have managed to fix the issue, I think its just how the bones where connected and the ik setup I had, after separating the bones I created a slightly different setup and everything is working. Was blender 2.7

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New issue with the rig. Leg lock, what kind of IK or controller would you use if you wanted a knee to always bend when the leg rises.

The IK won’t recognize the bend so the leg is just locked.

I tried some weird workarounds trying to get a bone to track the foot, then have the knee copy the rotation of the bone tracking the foot but its just too haky.

No need for weird hacky workaround.

  1. the base pose should be very slightly bend “that way” you want it, say by 1 to 3 degrees. Never have 100% aligned or straight thigh to shin.
  2. then set limit for IK bone rotation. See pic below. Set them from -180 / 180 to something that makes sense. Typically for knee, is 0 / 150-to-170 degrees. Now your limbs will never bend the wrong way again.


A quick work-around to fix the leg from ‘locking’ is to set the IK influence to 0%, then slightly rotate the bone in the direction it should bend, then set the IK influence back to 100%.

This will give blender a hint on how the IK constraint should bend.

But I would follow @GogoDisco advice, and incorporate that bend within the armature’s rest pose.

In the work-around that I mentioned, if you select all bones and clear rotation, the leg will be locked again. (works best if your IK bones are on a different layer, to prevent accidentally selecting them while animating)