It can not be done? Repeat mirror

After a bit of googleing ive come to realise that Cycles can repeat an image as could in BI, however its seems there is no way to mirror the repeated image in cycles as you easily do in BI.

Is this true?

I could be wrong, Koumis, but I think it would simply be a matter of turning up the number of bounces in the light paths area of the render properties. I think what you want to do is to increase the MAX value for the Bounces and increase the Glossy bounces. If you turn up the glossy bounces past the MAX bounces, the MAX will act as a limit, which is why you would want to increase both.

I think there’s some confusion here. Are you talking about making a material that behaves like a physical mirror, or are you talking about some sort of mirrored texture mapping? Please be clearer about what you’re asking for.

mirrored texture mapping

if you just want a tiling texture, you can just use the Mapping node and tweak the scale.
But if you want a mirrored texture then you can use another Mapping node with a negative scale, and mix it with the first one, with a checker texture as a factor.

There are some other methods you can use, depending of what you are trying to achieve…

With blender where there is a will theres a way, Thanks secrop!!