It just has to be done, that's all. SuperWu 3D - the game

Am I right, or what? I think we should make a team, of experienced and skilled blenderers and make a SuperWu game that’s a bit more extensive than wu’s current flash web based one. I still can’t code very well, ( I’m getting better ) but I can do low poly modelling, texturing, rigging, all that stuff ( hopefully with some help ). Any gnarly coders/level designers interested in this? goldentaiji maybe? We would have to get sagors permission of course, I don’t think he would object though.

And i’ll just sit back and watch the whole forum say they’re willing to help.

This Wu thing has gone out of control.

I could do something. I’m good at cartoon style textures (i.e. not realistic) and I can do basic python. But I most certainly can help with ideas!

Strangely enough, I had had the idea already. I have a plot line in mind if you’re interested, though I’m not sure I have a lot of time to devote to a project this size right now. I’m currently committed elsewhere.

i thought about it a while ago… >_>

I can do concept art!

This will be sweet…

Should I post some images?

Yeah, if anyone has any concept art, or ideas, just post them here, and we’ll just pool our ideas until we arrive at something solid. Also, I can post some concept art relating to my anim project, and that will be another source we can draw from.

Lol. I don’t see why.

But anyway, I can certainly help with some programming tasks. I have a decent knowledge of the BGE PY API, so I can set up things like events, IPO triggers, score systems etc.

If you tell me what you want “exactly” I can probably make the engine do it for you.

:pWow, I left a pretty good impression on you I guess the times you visited our GE forum. Would be a fun project, but I’m bogged down with work and life to undertake such a big project. Heh, if any of the other guys remember, that bcgp project of ours is on hold till BOgre comes out (looking forward to better organization and structure of the GE).

I could help here and there though I think. The greatest guy that could help would be snailrose, but he’s probably busy coding away :D. I remember the fighting game he entered for one of the contests (I still think it was for the Halloween one, but for some odd reason he wasn’t listed). Only thing I found left about it was

-If any of you semi-old blender heads know what I’m talking about and has the file, I think it could be a great pointer on how a fighting game could be done. It had the basic structure all setup, triggering damage, etc.

Jason Lin

indeed, I have appropriated many pieces of your code in various projects :wink: , been awhile since i turned out anything finished though. I lost my momentum during the time that the GE was undergoing daily renovation, and I don’t even know if any of my levels would work anymore in the current GE. The last theng I made was in ultimate blender, just as the media player was introduced.


ARgh! How do I post images? :confused:

I forgot…

you can’t post attachments in this forum, so you have to use an image server like photobucket or mudpuddle ( alltakens server ) then link to it.

Why is there no “MAnage attachments” button? Here is a possible concept…

(ehh… I could do better)

Should I add color?

Note: click for a bigger image

i think we were posting at the same time, see above post
(edit) looks like it’s working now.

A BIGGER pic for those too lazy to click the other picture.

I was thinking about this earlier, and I don’t know if a cape will be practical, I could be wrong though. I think he should be more compact, along the lines of mega man. Might be good to give him some kind of weapons or vehicle too.

Ok. So… are we kinda reinventing Wu-man here?

A question: Should I change the costume? And if so, to what?

Or, should I just try a whole bunch of other Wu-man variations, and we’ll decide which one’s the best?

(HEh… One more question… What kind of game are we going for here? When you say weapons, do you mean things like lasers or eggs?
OR dangerous weapons? You mentioned Megaman, so I’m assuming Lasers and other hi-tech stuff)

we still have to decide all of that, I was thinking we should try to combine multiple games into one, such as say, something along the lines of asteroids for one segment, and maybe a first person shooter, or a puzzle, even. maybe a driving game too. still just throwing out ideas, really.

here’s a little stab at a low-poly version of Wu-man:

399 faces