It snowed...

Hi everyone. As some of you might know, it snowed over in Illinois last night. So, I was home from school today. Last time I checked, it was 11 inches deep. The storm has since stopped, and I’ve been enjoying watching people try to drive. So far 4 people have gotten stuck, one even had to get pulled out. Anyways, heres some pics of what happened to my car, and one of our deck.

(The pics of my car are around 30, but the chair is 60 kb)

My car during the storm
My car 30 minutes ago
A chair on our deck
My car 1-2 minutes ago

If your wondering, the temp outside has been fluctuating like mad, go from the high 20’s(F) to the high 40’s(F), so the snow isn’t lasting long. Anyways, hope you enjoy,


That is so strange to see snow like that, when the temperature yesterday here in Western Sydney was 106F (41C).

It was 61 degrees Farenheit up here in Pennsylvania, then all of a sudden the temperature goes down to 3d and we have a massive rain storm that caused flooding everywhere. It’s kind of funny that you got snow before us…

Yep. Still no snow here in Pennsylvania, but there sure is a heck of a lot of wind!

Katsuro, you are lucky! I’m waiting for snows like your (I’m addicted to snowy weather myself :smiley: ) I did get some snow and liked the view so I took several picture and stitched them together into a panorama from my balcony, here is a link to the pic (18288x4054px and 2150.2KB)

in colorado there was 14 in. a few days ago. last night it was really windy and we got stuck in a drift (a drift is where wind blows snow from one spot and piles up somewhere else) that was about 3-4 feet deep. the car (a ford explorer) had the hole frame sitting on top of the snow so when we tried to move, we just burned tire rubber. after an hour or so (yes, a whole hour in the dark freezing wind and snow) the county plows got a chain and pulled us out. that’s why I didn’t have to go to school.

Yeah, it was nice and warm today here in New York. Got lots of rain and thunder storms later in the day, but it seems to have stopped. I guess all the flood water went down to you guys in PA. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am glad it only snowed for you guys and you got quite a lot, it hailed and freezing rained today, and quite badly. the freezing rain already claimed a few trees and branches and quite a lot of transformers were knocked out. I was with out power from 1pm to 10pm. not all grids were affected so I went over to my friends house to work on a project. I will get some pics tomorrow. I think this is a pre curser to the next ice storm, I wish I could say that the next one won’t be as bad as the one in 98 though think it will be a lot worst thanks to global warming. I hope mother nature won’t be as *itchy for the holidays for everyone. I am hoping for more snow than last year for montreal.:smiley:

its frikin raining and thunderin like crazy here over New York City

hopefully it will snow, its like free money flying out of the sky and giving people seasonal jobs

Up here in Washington, we have 12 inches of snow.

Here in Tualatin, Oregon it snowed about an inch a few days ago. Now, the ground is cool and dry…but I wish it was snowing like it is in the other places described in this thread.

In Ottawa, it just snowed yesterday, but it was shortly followed by freezing rain! Now though, its all calm and sunny, and we are worried if the snow is gonna stay on the ground!

The only thing I like about snow is skiing on it :smiley:

While I’m skiing … (which I haven’t done for a few years), I don’t mind the cold crisp sunny weather, but I would like to see the snow and cold weather isolated to the ski area, with termperatures of ~65 degrees everywhere else :slight_smile:

Being in Toronto, I’m stuck with winter, though lately our winter’s have been getting milder every year, which is both good and bad. Good from a purely selfish point of view, as I hate cold weather, but rather disturbing from a global -warming / environmental point of view. I actually don’t know anything about global warming … I’ll go and start to read up on it now), but there was a program on the other night which featured the author of “The Upside of Down”, (Thomas Homer Dixon), who apparently has done a lot of research into the subject, and the premise of his book is apparently not a good one. I.E. that we might be headed for a catastrophic event, from a variety of sources (economic, political, engery), weather/meterology/environment being one of them.
Doesn’t sound like it would be the most cheerful book to rread, but might be educational.


Speaking of global warming… did you know that it’s partially caused because of increased solar activity? The sun has cycles in which she is active and less active. I don’t know how long such a cycle takes, though. Yes, CO2 and others are partly responsible for global warming but it’s not as if that’s the only cause. In fact, several scientists argue that this warming might be a small peak before we get another ice age (yikes!).
Really, no-one has any accurate vision on things.

That being said… HURRAY! SNOW!!!:smiley:

I hope this is true and happens soon :smiley: I’m planning to move within a year to a place (undecided on where yet) and i was hoping to find a good place that gets A LOT of snows for a long time.

Here in southern California it hasn’t rained, snowed, drizzled or even clouded up in nearly ten months. (At least not in the High Desert, where I live) It is incredibly depressing to have one only weather condition, every single day. Warm weather is incredibly overrated.

yeah, we had a blizzard here (Blue mountains, Oregon, Usa) Got the wood stove cranked up though. It’s about 10 degrees F. My dog decided that he likes it inside (me too). Nice soup weather.

So it’s sunny everyday and you find that depressing ? :confused:

You must be wired differently than me :rolleyes:

Come visit Ontario in November-December. Grey skies and drizzle /rain (snow … in other years … weird 15deg C weather this year) . Now THATS’s depressing to me.

Actually we even had a lot of grey/rain during the past summer … yuk :frowning:


Grey skies and drizzle /rain (snow … in other years … weird 15deg C weather this year) . Now THATS’s depressing to me.

You think that’s depressing?
That’s Scotland’s weather forecast for the whole year!
As I’m writing this (late morning) it’s still absolutely pitch black outside, and there’s rain hammering down on the roof.
The only time we get snow is March, when we might get about 3 millimetres for a few days, then the rain will wash it all away:(
That’s depressing.

That’s depressing.

Try a nice hot toddy!