Hello all time for another waste of time post. But there fun aren’t they! Who here is italian or from italian background! I am italian also and I truly think that italians rule. I mean they do rule rome the capital of the world don’t they? They were the people of the roman empire and they are the ones who have the most delectible food on the planet am I wrong? If you think so go there and buy a pizza and get some Gelato.

I’m half Polish and half Italian, but I’ve never met with my Mom’s side of the family, so I’m pretty much the product of my Dad’s Sicilian family. I loooove Italian food.

BTW… “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.” :smiley:

Caio - I’m neither but congratulations.

Lolz of course

Pasta Vashool. I don’t know how to spell lolz ^^. I am also learning the italian language. It’s hard! I just like bragging about the roman empire and I’de take a cannoli over a gun anyday. What about Tiramasu?

I’ve never had it.

Their website is in Italian, but I highly recommend Garofalo brand pasta, it has a wonderful taste and texture that I’ve found other brands don’t have. We pick ours up at Costco. It might not be the same without my Dad’s home-made spaghetti sauce, but it’s still good pasta. :slight_smile:

Yeah, half Italian here. Norwegion on the other side. My dad is the greatest chef in the history of chefs (yes, my dad is the italian one). Pasta= OMG!

Italians have nice and sturdy women!
I am in love!!

Lol mmph? My mom’s the cook my dad doesn’t know the difference between a cheese grader and a ladle. Plain Pasta is my favorite actually. I love it with sauce too. We get that uh kind you get from publics we’ll have to try that brand. Our friends go to coscos. Hey do italian mothers usually bitch like crazy at their sons or is that just me? God damn man my mom’s been nagging on me like a fish jesus I do everything wrong. I think she truly truly hates me the only reason i don’t yell at her is she makes frigen good food.

sorry for grammar I know I suck at that too plenty of lectures from the teachers lol ^^!

you mean she makes homely food . . . nothing like a meal from home.

Unfortunatelly I’m not italian (I’m a Belgian) but I love the county very much. I’ve been there several times and I hope to move to Italy some day (and of course: stay there :)). Everything about italy is great: the language, nature, cities, cars, people, food,…

Ciao & a la prossima,

Btw: I’m making an animation short which will take place in Italy. It’s inspired on Pixars’ Cars and I’ve a WIP here, if you’re interested.