It's a Purrrrrfect Day

I got a request on my ‘ask me anything’ on instagram to create a cute chubby cat in a cute, catty, chubby landscape. I don’t normally do characters, especially not stylized ones and definitely not furry ones so…what the heck…why not. Challenge accepted. lol

I’m not sure if the landscape qualifies as a cute, catty, chubby one but at least there is a cute ginger tabby cat. :grin:

The cat was sculpted, rigged, posed and groomed!!! in Blender. I haven’t done a groom since school many years ago so it took a little bit of time but I eventually landed at the ‘hey it looks like a cat now’ stage. lol

The background was rendered in Eevee, the cat and tree in Cycles.

Instagram: sonjachristophart


So cute~ :smile:

thank you :slight_smile: