It's a small universe

(kirpre) #1

Here is my first work in Blender that I have seen through to a semi-finished state. Any feedback would be helpful.

(rogerm3d) #2

looks nice, lighting is fairly nice
but you could maybe use some kind of texture on the walls and that sun kind of looks like a lemon. Should make it more orange and maybe add a bump map.

(S68) #3

Cool start,

yup, need wall texture…

you can place a light inside the sun, to act as a lamp :slight_smile:

you should place an horizont out of the window. Camera is looking from above, it is very odd to se a complete starry sky out there…


(kirpre) #4

You’re definately right about the sun and the walls, they need some work.

As for the lack of horizon, that was what I was going for. Kind of a floating room thing.

Thanks for the input.

(blengine) #5

its cool i like it… the globe in the corner looks like it has refraction?

(kirpre) #6

I used an EnvMap for the sphere in the corner to reflect the room (many thanks to BgDM for his recent tutorial on this.

(shibbydude) #7

Great job on the textures of the planets. Keep up the work on the drawers, though. They look all shaded together. Nice job.

(DreamMaster) #8

I like it, but completely white light bother me… I have my own rules for lighting…

  • White color doesn’t exist… must choose other colors (light colors are fine)
  • If white color is necessary… make sure it is REALLY necessary like white lights on the ceiling
  • Put 3 or more lamps
  • Lights equal your emotions

Hope it helps you :slight_smile:

(stephen2002) #9

humm…I think that it would look more intresting if you used the sun as just about the only light in the scene. Nice, bright, and haloish. Also needs a better texture.

Other than that, it looks pretty neat.