It's A Spaceship... (LEGO animation)

This was started as a submission for the 11 Second Club back in September 2014, and also as a test for this LEGO mini-fig rig I’ve been working on for… a while. I’ve been making changes to the video as I make them to the rig, and the last thing was the facial animation. Anyway, here it is.

The audio is from Mad Men.

Looks Fantastic!
Was it rendered on cycles?
Also, how did you go about animating the faces?
Were they rigged/animated in blender? or were they animated first in a third party program? (AKA flash, etc)

The face is all done in a separate Blend file. It’s made up of a bunch of primarily 2D shapes layered on top of each other, all with shadeless materials. It is then rendered with Blender Internal using an orthographic camera, then UV wrapped to the head (in the main file). The final scene was rendered in Cycles.