Its a toss up (title that is)

I am far from being done but I do know exactly (for the main part) what it will all be. This will be my first (serious) post of something that I hope turns out what the mind wants it to be. I am hoping to incorperate particles with it along with some meta to give you an idea where this is going maybe think on the terms of heaven and hell. the dowels are far from being done, well its all far from being done but I thought I would post something. As it goes further I will post more. I am still learning this great tool (heh not a tool but the whole factory if you ask me). There is so much to learn but yet where to begin and where to draw the line on how far you go until you comprehend the basics ( I think thats how I wanted to say it). Anyways until next time!

sounds like a cool concept

Yea the concept is nice, it came from a sketch I was trying to make a long time ago for someone who wanted a tattoo (more on that later). I was never able to finish though cause my drawing skills (to me) were not really all that good for getting the 3 dimensional look.

Anyway hope someone will see this I figured seeing it pertains to this project I would just ask here instead of asking in another thread elsewhere.
I am sure there is a way and might figure/find it out by the time an answer is posted but just in case I don’t, I am wanting to re-size (s) a ring/circle of vertices’s of each post at the same time from their centers, I tried a few things but seeing the posts are part of the object and not separate object themselves I think is where I am missing something as far as “object centers” go. So the question is can I and if so size the before mentioned at the same time and if so how? Thanks in advance!

Not 100% sure I understand what you’re looking for, but maybe chaing the Pivot’s setting to “Individual centre” will be your solution. Wiki article about pivots. It talks about rotating, but scaling also works the same way.

You certainly got a way to say very little while still using a lot of words :wink: I still have no clue what you intend to do or express with the image.

I assume you know about the dropdown for the pivot point? It’s in the viewport header, next to the dropdown for viewport shading.
If you HAVE to scale/transform several circles of the same object exactly at once, i guess you could use an armature for instance, but that goes a bit beyond normal mesh editing, and is probably more work than scaling one circle at a time.

Thanks for the reply - had it answered in another thread… what I was looking for which I thought I had tried is Alt+s

Well thanks to those who have pointed me in the right direction so far. This isn’t much progress, spent most time changing the glass shape and size about (realistically) 12 time heh. I am still not happy with the shape but it will have to do for now, least until I get the objects inside. I know the lighting and all can use lot of work haven’t even really ventured there yet.

Just a note to any beginners such as myself that might stumble on this…
Its always a good idea to have a backdrop of something, anything simple, especially when working with glass material cause if your just going with a world and nothing behind the glass you could find yourself lost for awhile as I was.