It's a UFO, how original!

Hi guys, like the title? :smiley:
I decided to build a UFO, and if all goes well, animate it with the help of Icarus (mars attacks my house!!)
This is after a day’s on and off work, probably about 3 hours total (I had a big 'ol laser but it sucked, IMO)
'nuff with the adoo, here it be!
sorry to those with 600x800, this is a large picture.
As usual, C&C is joyously welcomed in, with praise and thanksgiving. :slight_smile:

what are the little things around the edges? its hard to tell if they’re landing gear, weapons, or what. this ship looks nice, but imho it needs a big ol death ray scorcher on the bottom (see spaceman spiffs death ray)

Hey, lookin good so far! Maybe u should add some sort of ray gun thing or beamer ( you know, the things that drag people up to the ufo in the movies ) with halos,
Also, the red lights around the ship could look better if they had an emit value.