It's alive...

(Killgore) #1

:smiley: Hi
I’ve just made it work and wanted to show you guys the result. I made the animation using blender, and rendered the frames that I needed. (215kb)

Just unzip to a folder and execute it!
Use the left and right arrowkey to move it.
The rest of the program is C++ and OpenGL.

See You!

(muteinvert) #2

what you should do, since you know enough c++ to make that thing run at 100fps, is make a game engine that supports blender files!

(blengine) #3

very cool, great motion =D

(digitalSlav) #4

muti if you can’t run a couple of sprites on your computer you need a new one :c) very basic proggie but i love it keep em coming. thanks from all the low banders out there. video with out the download!

(pofo) #5

Yay! It’s my new favorite game.

Good job, keep at it

  1. pofo