It's almost new years eve, 15 days till the BGC deadline

(ineedanewbi) #1

hey everyone, ppl should be very close to finishing there game for the contest

so far, i havent seen too much. my greatest competitor would have to be peter’s FPS and a few others… i havent actually seen too much from the ppl who are actually on the BGC list… o well

once again, i question how far everyone is in there game developement
anyone care to share?

my days of endless idiocy are almost over, after this weekend, i go back to school

i still have a lot to do for my game, finish the mission, create cinimatics and the menus and pause screens etc…

heres some screenshots

good luck to everyone,… time is ticking

(lizard809) #2

i better be in the list of “a few others”.

heres what needs to be done for our game:

touch-up and adding a couple objects on levels 1-4 and 6 (all are playable)
enemies, triggers, and animations for level 5 and 7 (lots of work)
most of the cutscenes between levels need to be started and finished

oh yeah, we stopped working on our other game because it was less important

(Pooba) #3

Er, Ineedanewbike, the wrist on your guy looks REALLY messed up. Everything else looks cool.

Lizard, your game looks awesome too.

It’s too bad that none of them will compare to my ultimate game that will win the contest! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Well, i haven’t started yet, but it’ll be done…


(ineedanewbi) #4

cmon… so where is everyone? where’s all the competitors? peter? pooba? saluk? doogs? ppl?, i know theres news out there somewhere…

anyone else care to share? something? anything?

cmon,… it wont take long, it’ll be good for the community

anyways… yea, lizard, ur game sounds pretty long. mine is super short so far, only the first level, and ill barely finish it… ur game looks as if its like 5 games in 1. there looks like there will be a variety of gameplay.

i think its a good idea to concentrate on quality over quantity, even so i think u put more effort into ur game then mine so far… i have absoluetly very little gameplay

so anyways… CMON EVERYONE…LETS SEE UR WORK !!!.. please?

(doogs) #5

Sorry Im not joining the competition. I know that sounds really crappy of me to do but im not ready to make a game.


(Peter) #6

Don’t think I have anything new to show, ineedanewbike… my demo is not so big.
There has to be some suprises to… :smiley:

(Abracsis) #7

i think it’s too soon after the last seeing where people are, to bother posting more pics…


p.s my game will win :wink:

(gargola) #8

me’s a shame…i mean,i’m making a game,but i think it’s too late for me to join the competition.and i’m waiting for blender to be improved some more. :wink: :smiley:

ps: even if i’m not late for the contest,i’m not going to enter my game.i was working on it right now and i discovered another annoying bug with the Ray sensor.just as annoying as the near sensor bug.well another reason not to participate in the contest. :wink: :frowning:

(Blender_owl) #9

hmm, i dont have any new screens for you guys, but you can check out the site for concept art :slight_smile:
Anways we’re almost done, just need to polish the AI and make the levels. BTW i was wondering… who is the guy in charge of the blender games contest…
We changed team members so the new list is

(saluk) #10

I’ve been away on holiday, and I havent done anything more really. Still have two weeks though.