It's an eye that's not from that tutorial!

This is an eye that I use for various cartoony characters.

The texture is 100% procedral so that you can change colour / shape etc.




looks nice only the pupil is a little small maybe make it a little bigger…

Works well when imbedded in a character’s face, but fore more bulgy eyes, set the texture scaling to about 1.7 instead of 2.4.

Play - you’ll see what I mean!


thanks - but I was just thinking the other day how cool it would be if Blender supported importing SVG as textures: so you could have a vector-drawn, auto-resizable texture that would look as sharp as ever even if in total closeup! just imagine! and with an open format - you could just fire up the free Inkscape … or illustrator.

would be extremely useful for cartoony stuff and other non-photorealistic styles.

for eyes, too, esp. for adding stylistic details that should retain sharp edges …

I really think that you should post separately every part of your characters in finished projects. %|

Seriously, I don’t think that a single eye without any work on the lightening, the scene and the camera belong to this section…

Normally, I would agree with you efbie. In this case, I keep this eye in a seperate file and append it into other WIPs. In that respect, this eye IS a finished project in it’s own right!