It's been awhile but...

(Pooba) #1

I’ve updated roller! Heres what’s new:
-5 new levels
-ability to rotate the camera
-a menu with a password-entering system

download here
Comments would be greatly appriciated!


(Pooba) #2

Sorry, didn’t do the right link:

Here it is

(BaDbOyHeRe) #3

thats pretty fun. had to stop playing at level 2 to reply. do you have plans to add ways to lose lives, or a time limit?


(Pooba) #4

Yeah, i’m planning on adding some time limit, maybe a scoring system, and multiplayer (as in the menu, but it deosn’t go anywhere).
If you want to skip level 1-5 then go to the password screen and type in 5462 and hit enter. I think there may be some problems with the last update and it screwed up some stuff.