Its done

I finaly finished this project. Am pretty pleased with it, maybe there is some critism or however you spell it. I’ve been using blender only since last march. It was cycles renderer that got me to learn blender. Iv never used internal and dont care to. Thanx to the wonderful developers of Blender for this cool free tool to create with.!!!


Not much to crit, looking good.

Looks great ;).

I really like the look of the headphone jack… is it just mesh?

And the overall color of the picture is very pleasant… very photorealistic, too

Are those manufacturing models or is it all modeled in Blender as well?

Very well done, details and materials are perfect!


Well done. Good use of dof.

Ya its just a mesh. I modeled everything myself. Floor material is from blend swap. CC

Just as I said, details are perfect!