Its Eather The Update or The Latest Is Buggy with Vista. (Weight Tool)

I’m trying to do character animation for my game engine using skeletal mesh and I plan on exporting it out as a md5 model/animation. The problems:

  1. When I do use the weight tool I can’t click on a bone just by clicking it and instead have to use Shift+LMB and select it from the list.

  2. It seems that sometimes vertex groups don’t get updated when I do paint a part of my model to a bone it doesn’t update that vertex group at all.

  3. Even when I select a bone sometimes in Shift+LMB on Weight mode, it doesn’t seem to show all the vertex groups related to that bone. So in other words it has to do with 2.

When I create armatures I rename the bones to go with the parts to look professional and then I select the mesh then the armatures and press Ctrl+P in object mode and I don’t create Vertex groups, but some how it goes ahead and does it for me…

Can anyone explain why this is happening?
I’m using Windows Vista, and I’m not sure if people are having the same issue with the latest Blender version release.

Thanks, Andrew.