Its Fishy

Hi Guys,

Tried hard but couldn’t make it looking realistic… what is wrong lighting, modelling, or materials, or all of these…The first Pic is edited and the second is unedited Render…
(Sorry for misleading title…but cant you see something fishy is going on…:wink: )


To make realistic materials, you must use PBR shaders instead of old Diffuse+Glossy materials. Get rid of the graffiti. Tone down the material for the wooden crates. Use Filmic color management. Use HDRI for realistic lighting and reflections. Increase the light.

Do all these and then we might see a more realistic image. :slight_smile: Waiting for update.

Thanks for your suggestion. I will get rid of the graffiti, Increase light and toned down the wooden texture.
But I did this render using Filmic color management, HDRI for light, and Blender guru PBR shaders(Dielectric and metallic) and Remington’s PBR Shader (v2.1).

Will update you soon

Try to make the materials a bit more shiny, especially the tin can. Correct the scale of the texture of the pavement and the road. Right now, they are big. The road should be more reflective. The rims of the tyre should be more round. And make the rubber more black. The wall is too glossy. The blue siren should be more glossy. The colors are bright and not natural. Like, the red is too red, blue is too blue. Tone them down too. Get rid of the alpha tree image in the background to something more natural, or use a high resolution pic. Get rid of the fencing on the wall. Make the ambulance a little bigger.

The modeling is good, BTW :slight_smile:

Sure Buddy…I would do all the changes as you suggested… thanx

new render applied changes suggested earlier


Much better! I like the second one better. The image looks over-exposed in the first. The crates are too glossy or you toned down too much. Preserve the color. The walls look better. The road looks better. The blue siren and the orange lights. Are they diffuse? They should be glass materials. :slight_smile: Image needs some post-processing and wait for others to critique :slight_smile: The window glass looks too new compared to the rest of the body. Add DOF. Keep updating and improving :slight_smile:

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