It's just a meteorite...

Hi guys!

I’ve recreated the Viper probe droid from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Note that the bolts are extruded outward since I couldn’t find any proper way to cut holes in the main body.

Verts: 359 000
Samples: 1000
Render time: 25 minutes

Any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

Cool! Really nice work!

Thank you :smiley:

Very cool. I like the color and texture. Very cool asymmetrical pose. So, why would you need to cut holes for the bolts?

Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile:
The only reason I wanted holes in the mesh was due to accuracy…

Here’s one of the reference images I used

You could make holes a few ways. Use subsurf and delete the faces. You could also make a cylinder and intersect the mesh and use the boolean modifier to cut out the hole, although it might make your mesh a little messy but it’s not a huge deal.

Really appreciate your suggestions! I’ve already tried making holes with the BoolTool, but the shading was pretty messed up afterwards :frowning:

Yeah, holes are really hard to maintain shading on. I think the visual difference of extruded bolts rather than holes is minimal.

Great result!

This is the hole workflow I use. You need the LoopTools addon. (You can also bevel your edges instead of creasing them or just add support edges, the result would be more or less the same)

I like this one, especially the second render that you posted.

@SterlingRoth and MmAaXx Thanks :smiley:

@ToshiCG It seems like your image doesn’t display correctly. Could you upload it again? Thanks in advance.

How is this? Alternatively try this direct link…
If it doesn’t work then I’m done trying to post animated GIFs. :smiley:
I forgot to say that you have an excellent model there!

Nice work!

Wouldn’t it work to draw the holes in a displacement map/normal map? Maybe not sharp enough for a closeup but could be worth a try.

@ToshiCG Now it shows up perfectly :slight_smile: I actually forgot using LoopTools for the holes but I’ll give it a try.

@jonlemur Nice idea but I think that a normal map will not be sufficient and a displacement map probably needs too many polygons :frowning: I’ll try it anyways

You could use a matte and use the transparent shader as well.

Beautiful work and render!

@paulchambers3D Thanks

@LetWritersWrite That’s a nice idea :cool:

@ToshiCG Using LoopTools would work quite well but it’s also quite time consuming. I decided to give BoolTools another shot and discovered the auto-smooth option…here’s the comparison:

Great work on texturing and shading. Putting that droid into some real snowy/icy/rocky scene and choosing some good camera angle could be a great base for a really nice render.

Nice, holes are looking good!

Thanks. I didn’t model the environment because it would look a lot less realistic if I did it myself :o otherwise I share your opinion.