It's Ringing

This is my latest work. Please tell me what you think of it! Volumetric lighting in Cycles is really awesome. :cool:


This is just a scene from a larger project ‘Which Only is Higher than the Sky’. You can find more here:

Great job! The texturing might need a little work and the scene is a little empty feeling, but your models and render is excellent! Maybe a bit too strong on the post processing as well. Well done!

Thank you! The emptiness of the scene is (sort of) intentional. May I ask what’s wrong with the textures?


Well, the textures look a little repeated, and there are measurement inconsistencies with the size of the bricks relative to the scale of the scene. For instance, take a look at the closest column on the left. The bricks are cut in half and wrapped around in a very obvious way.
But that’s just a nit pick, the scene overall looks great.

I see what you mean. I’ll work on the UV maps a bit. Thanks for pointing out!

I dont know enough to help you.
But, I like your feeling!

If you make the red and brass (?) stand out a bit more, the little bits in the brick etc. wouldn’t even catch the eye.

The chromatic aberration also draws from the main thing in the scene, that being the phone.

Incredible atmosphere! However, I highly suggest you put more emphasis and composition through contrast on your subject. But regardless, this is awesome!