I've been away from Blender too long

I am amazed with 2.40 alpha 2!
the new features are quite steep. It seems so much faster now. The modifier stack will definately take some getting used to for me. I been away for a little while, downloaded the new version and was off to other things. When I installed it, the top of my skull came off, I feel like I’m starting all over again. But, I enjoy it though.

Huge Thanks to all the coders/developers and the eylisun community…this new version really rocks.

Blender can even change the matrix! :o


No, that means a regular like myself talks less shit.

:smiley: Sorry.
I myself am amazed with the speed of process in the development of Blender.
It seems the developers have some hot fire under their arses.

It seems the people at Xara haven opened up their Linux edition, hoping a growing community using the source could add more features to the program since Xara is all out of financial possibilities.

Now Xara is quite popular amongst Mac users and that’s not open source.
Since OSX is built on linux it’s easier to port a linux app to OSX.
Now you do the math.
But that smells fishy to me.

This is just too awsome…

I am so tempted to try and test everything, but I am just not that good at Blender to do that. Though, I think what would really help me, is if I write down everything I do figure out, so that it hammers it into my memory. I was just getting used to the RVK/Sliders/Armatures…Now I am amazed yet quite fearful of the new cool bone and animation features. I have never really messed with the NLA editor that much, so the Armature modifier kinda scares me. I don’t know yet, what kinda way I’d go about animating a character: rigg/shape keys and ipo drivers/ RVKs/ … I wish there was thurough documentation on new features somewhere. Mabe there is somewhere, if so, I hope it gets added to the Noob 2 Pro wiki soon.

I am eagerly reading as much as I can find, all is so overwhelmingly awesome so far.

Everytime I come to Elysiun lately, all I can think to say is “WOW”.

2.40 Alpha 2 Rocks!

blendermax: I think a link would be more appropriate than embedding a 650kb .gif into the thread.



No worries, you poor dial up users, I linkified it. :wink:


Nobody visits linked gifs anyway. They need to be there so people watch them. I used to be 56k too at some point, so don’t come whining when you can’t view a page due to gifs. There’s always the “STOP LOADING THE PAGE” button.

grumble You totally ruined the effect, theeth… pout