I've been copying models in my blend. Material list is beyond 1k now and I'm out of RAM


I’m new to blender, as you might have guessed.
My problem is that I’ve been building some game assets and while doing so I copy parts around to concept it and then finalize it. I do feel that something is very wrong in my workflow since I’m ending up with a material list that goes beyond 1000, and so does the list of textures. The name of the texture ends with .png.XXXX (numbers)

Right now I’m very interested in cleaning this list in another way than hammering away on my mouse button and I would love to know what I can do to avoid having materials and textures duplicated like this.

I’ve been using copy and paste on the models, not duplicate. Had no idea it was this dangerous…

Please help!



I would like to clear these lists of… garbage.

Material list has been cleared.

Made EVERYTHING into one object and made sure it just had one material on it. Saved, closed and re-opened. All empty! Beautiful.

Texture list is still swamped. Not sure how to tackle it?

Try purging orphan datablocks in the outliner:


One of the special features in blender is the fake user. If you delete materials, you will still see them while the file is open. The next time you open them, they disappear (are not saved). Unless you press the fake user button, they are not retained . So it is e.g. possible to create material libraries with simple blender files. Or just to experiment with different material options. Many who come from a different software are bothered at the beginning. Therefore there are some addons that help. My favourite is.

fake user


Thank you for showing me this feature! That really did it!

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Thank you for showing me this. I will keep this one in mind!