i've done rsearch, but can't find a working download link for BlenderPocket WM 2002!

as i have said in the title of this thread, i have done research, on top of research, on top of research, but i just can’t seem to find a working download link for the blenderpocket 2.42 for windows mobile 2002! i tried the blenderpocket website…but that link did’nt work. I’ve tried google, and found nothing, then yahoo, and only found a blenderpocket for windows mobile 2003. Can someone please help me? :frowning:

Like this link? Or this one?

One says 2003, the other one doesn’t.

yeah, but that blenderpocket version is the widows mobile 2003 version, but i need a link to the windows mobile 2002 version. thanks for trying to help though :).

EDIT: oops! i just found the 2002 version of blenderpocket inside of a link that was in the second link that you provided! i guess you must have been editing your post, while at the same time that i was posting mine…anywho, thanks for the link!..:smiley:

I am sorry to say that today, BlenderPocket doesn’t support WM2002. I have a Windows mobile 2003 device and could only compile it for this… For WM2002, I already tried it but couldn’t test on my device and it apprears it was not working.
But the sources are available, only few functions will have to be implemented.

Sorry for the bad new. Maybe someone will try it :slight_smile: I can answer all questions :slight_smile:


PS: I don’t have internet for a moment (short I hope) but even in some time, I will answer any questions.