"I've made the most photorealistic face I can achieve

Hello everyone , i’m french so excuse me for my bad english.
I haved been in love with 3D,since my Amiga to today!
I’ved been introduced to Blender by a friend 10 month ago,since i’m in love with it :o
It’s my 5 or 6 try at it…Anatomy is hard…
My goal is to make the most photo-realistic face that i can achieve with no real reference when sculpting.
So the head may change along the process.
After 4/5 ugly ones,i’m happy with this one!
Any advice is welcome!!!
*A lot of link or information that helped me are on the post 27

Updated Images 07/11/2017
old ugly ones removed!




Looking really nice. The skin texture and material is perfect. There are only two major things that could be improved (in my opinion). The ears need a bit more modelling/ sculpting detail (which would be hard without any reference) and the eyes look a bit strange because they are so black. Other than that it is really impressive. Keep up the good work!

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Looks awesome. Remember no face is 100 percent symmetrical.

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darkcgi mine is

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i’m french too haha, anyway this looks awesome, the skin texture looks very natural, but the ears looks like phoetus ones and the eyes too dark. But i couldn’t achieve half of what you did (at least for now)

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salut les frenchies ! beau travai mec !

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I agree it’s a nice start, and I agree that the ears look like Odo’s (Star Trek, DS9)

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Nice start!
Texture is amazing, and the modeling is great.

As said before, the ears need a bit of work.
And personally, I would focus on the part above it:

The top of the ears should be more separated from the head.

And another point is the width of the head above the ears.
The maximum width of the head on your picture is where the ears touch the head, and the width decrease directly when going up.
Usually (or maybe it’s my feeling), the width increases lightly (or at least does not decrease as much) till mid or top of the forehead where it starts decreasing.

En français :wink:
Dans ton dessin, la largeur de la tête est au maximum à l’endroit où les oreilles rejoignent la tête et diminue lorsque tu remontes le long de la tête.
Alors qu’habituellement (du moins c’est mon impression), cette largeur augmente (ou ne diminue pas) encore un petit peu avant de diminuer à partir du milieu ou haut du front.

Hello everyone !!!
Thanks for the support

Just to tell everyone that i’ved got a dead hard drive those last days, 1Tb of personal life and datas lost…Killed me!:frowning:

Back to my WIP!!!

the modeling/sculpt part:

The eye socket was too deep in the head.
The shape of the eyes,lips,nose and ears wasn’t good.

The texture,shader and light,camera part:

the one layer trick sss wasn’t giving me enough realism,so i’ve tried 2 different shader Arnold and Cycles multi layer one.
After a lot of test and rendering,in a last trial i’ved found the one too my taste!!!
*The Disney BRDF https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?403342-Cycles-Disney-Brdf :yes:
Realistic, fast , easy to tweak,and artist friendly.

*Physically Based Rendering Encyclopedia that help a lot

the texturing part,the disney shader is a 3 layer SSS shader so i’ved got to do an albedo texture,a mid and deep layer SSS texture,from my diffuse one.ShaderMap and photoshop can do the job fast.
I still need to do a SSS scale map,spec map…

Camera part,after a lot of trials…This link helped me a lot for choosing the focal length


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Sorry guys but there is a delay of 24hr before my post can be seen…


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Still working on it trying some stuff :smiley:


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This looks pretty good.Could you do a male face to?

Yes i can,i’ved done an man head before.

Very nice. She is a bit creepy though, maybe add more light, and drop the black background? You may think about changing the camera angle, straight en-face make it look like a mugshot. Also, what is happening under her chin?

Yeah, make her eyes a little bit closed so that she doesn’t have that desperate look.

Pretty good overall, i like the lighting as well, different but interesting.

Hello guys!

First ,thanks to all of yours Thales Krüger,czerw,Lostscience for the support and advices.
A little bit busy with some animation work,but back to the woman face!
So i’ved reshape the face, basicaly everything,eyes,nose,mouth,ears.Trying to add some hair LMAO.
Look a lot better to me.
Again thanks to everyone!

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Its okay, keep working on it :slight_smile:

Might just be me, but I think the eyes are a little too high? You’re making good progress though!

She looks kinda like Angelina Jolie to me, nice work with the textures! I wouldn’t say the eyes are too high, i’d say the eyebrow bones are too low! haha, that’s the impression given by her hat.

Hello Happy new year to everyone!
I’ved started again with what i’ved learn from previous attemp.


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