Ive never had this happen with sub surf modifier

Attached is a blend file. I subdivided the gun stock I am working on and for some reason its not actually giving me the option to manipulate the subdivisions. Cavalry_Pistol_.blend (516 KB)

Circled in red is the cage edit button it toggles between your zero mesh and the new subdivided version. Both can edit the mesh just depends on what you want to work with.

Thats not what is actually happening. If you look at the blend file all the subdivisions are grayed out. It wont let me move them. I clicked the cage edit button and this is not allowing me to manipulate the divisions.

Wow, never mind. I just realized what I was doing. I was thinking of subdivision surface as subdivide. Thank you for the help anyway!

there is a subdivide option in the subsurf modifier btw.