I've played Crysis! Online Beta and the Demo!

I’ve played the demo and online beta on someone elses almsot top of the range PC just yesterday and today.

Online beta is pretty awsome, but doesn’t have the physics or some of the directx10 effects, and is buggy as hell, but IMO this just makes it more fun, its frikin awsome, and with people cheating its bloody hard sometimes aswell. The graphics are almost the best i’ve ever seen, you cant turn the graphics up to full, so its only a little bit better than halo and gears of war/ new games that look awsome.

A round usially lasts an hour, and when you join halfway through a round everyone has better weapons than you. You have to buy weapons at spawn points and various other small places Counter Strike style. Killing people, taking bases and completing objectives earns you points, you use these points to buy yourself weaponry, and when you do this enough times your rank improves so your default cash improves, thus you buy better weaponry and this is why joining a match halfway though sucks.

Oh…My…GOD it looks beautiful, full graphics settings, full physics, it BY FAR looks better than anyother game, honestly the videos and screens do not do it justice, the wow faactor is just… WOW.

Gameplay is tricky to get used to, your options are so wide open that sometimes its too much. Its not a fast paced game, your Nano suit is alot more powerful in single player than online but because dying isn’t an option and because you have so many enemies which are all capable of killing you even with simple weapons you have to be strategic.

You can out flank them, use stealth, take them by surprise, maybe throw a chicken or crab at them (you can do that BTW) then move on. Alternatively you could use a combination of armour mode and speed mode to jsut run past the enemy and recharge your suit when you can.

So far one of the best thigs ive done is to pick up large objects like small skibs or metal outdoor bins, in strength mode you can use them as pretty effective makeshift armour. If its not doing you any good then in strength mode you can throw said large object the same as a chicken or crab or even a frog and AVAWABANG, its alost as effective as a head shot. Just remember to pick up something sturdy enough to be of use to you.

Anoying things include the fact that in so many modes it deactivates short cuts to other modes. Like when you’re aiming down a sight you cant switch strait to sprint, you have to go back to normal mode then sprint. Its especially annoying when grenades are being thrown at you and it jsut doesn’t feel natural, the shortcuts seem a bit strange to me and the middle mouse select function for the Nano siut is over sensitive in single player.

In the single player, the enemy has body armour, and no matter how many times you shoot them with an ordinary gun in body armour it wont kill them, its foot shots, head shots, explosions or super punches or nothing. Or maybe its annoying because i’m not good at the game yet.

Loading times, i’ve played this on a pretty damn high end computer and i was still waiting a long time, a good few minutes, and frame rates still vary alot in the demo, especially at the very start during the dawn sequence (that looked unusially gorgeous).

Ping, you need good ping, really good ping to compete online.

Lip-syncing, they havent got that spot on just yet, hopefully they will improve it before the full release.

Mushrooms::: You can pickup alot of stuff, but not plant life, and i thought it would be funny if you could eat the mushrooms and see effects. You cannot; TheANIMAL was not amused…

yeah i played it too, and it’s just awesome. definitly a must-have as soon as it comes out. lucky me that i just got me a brand new machine with the NVidia 8800GTS 640! :slight_smile:

I’m gonna be building myself a new PC tower, i’ve saved up £600 for that, i’ll be buying a 8800GT which will be a slightly slower than your card but alot cheaper.

I forgot another annoying thing, when you install the demo it doesn’t make a shortcut and because its published by EA you have to sit through a crap load of intro sequences.

Actually, the 8800GT 512mb is faster than the 8800GTS 640mb.

Actually, the 8800GT rivals the GTX. It’s going to be the new killer mid-range card. If you’re in the US… http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetail.jsp?ProductCode=10007125 XFX 8800GT 512MB card new $279.99 shipped. Available a lot sooner than expected (November I thought).

As for Crysis, I’ll be playing it as soon as I upgrade to an 8800GT. I could try playing it now, but I don’t think my X1600Pro would like it very much. And, I want an eVGA card. XFX is ok, but I really like eVGA’s products.

Now to find a waterblock that fits both X1600Pro and 8800GT…

Well, I wait till there’s a passive cooled solution for the 8800GT. Maybe gigabyte or MSI will come up with a card like that.

Extra fans are cheap, cooling aint gonna be a problem. I’m building my new tower.

I imagine cooling won’t be a problem, but I just spent a ton of money on a WC loop :D. All I have left to buy are the blocks (CPU, GPU, North and South bridges) and I’m not about to spend $50 on a GPU block now, then $280 on a new card, and then another $50+ on a NEW block, since it’ll only be 2-4 months before I upgrade. Hopefully the G80 adapter plate for the Swiftech MCR60 works on the GT… Because I think that’s what I’m buying.

Anyways, TheANIMAL, have you decided what going in your new build?

Whatever is the best i can buy for 600-700 pounds. If its possibly i might get 2 8800GTs but as i wont change my monitor and that can only go upto 1280*960 i think pretty much everything will run smooth.

7900GS 256mb, Core 2 Duo @ 2.26ghz, 2gigs of RAM. It looks like crap, and runs like it, too. Terrible.

I tried to play the Crysis demo a few weeks ago, but it wouldn’t even load. I believe you need a very good computer to run it.

Well, since it came out yesterday, you probably weren’t using a “legit” version, so that could be the reason.

A 7900GS couldn’t run it well? That sucks… I wouldn’t even get 10fps then… The rest of my system is fine (E6600 @ 3.3GHz, 2GB Corsair DDR2-800).

Oh, it ran, but it looked completely subpar to other games coming out, and wasn’t even that fun.

If your card doesn’t support directx10, or you dont have the VERY latest drivers then it wont look great.

The shader quality setting is the most important aswell.

THe drivers released specifically for the demo boost performace by almost 100%, so framerates are pretty much doubled.

Believe me its worth sorting it out, it looks gooooood.

Oh ffs, I hate installing drivers so much, but I’ll do it.

Edit: nVidias driver page is down i think.

Well, since it came out yesterday, you probably weren’t using a “legit” version, so that could be the reason.

Well, I know I downloaded it from there main site. It was about 500 MB.

Oh ffs, I hate installing drivers so much


Turns out I have the latest ones already!

Well, I know I downloaded it from there main site. It was about 500 MB.

The demo is 1.12Gb.

@Fuzzmaster, If you’ve got the latest drivers then its a case of using the right graphic settings, any gefore 7 or 8 series card should be able to play it. I’d recommend a low resolutions e.g. 1024*768 2 x AA and higher ingame settings myself.

I’ve not come away from the demo impressed.

Feels like Far Cry all over again, and after the initial excitement wore off, Far Cry wasn’t that great. “Non-linear” meant “lots of trees” and the story was terrible. I’m sure Crysis has a better story though.

The ingame cutscenes do look good and the facial detail is astounding - at a paltry 10 frames per second which isn’t so great. My 7800 may be aging a little but I expected it to look better. Should it be surprising that the game looks good on the latest hardware available? No. I would have been impressed if Crysis looked a lot better than Far Cry on my rig…which it doesn’t.

Bioshock ran better, looked better and had better artistic direction and ran on the same hardware. HL: Episode 2 has a nice motion blur effect and is great fun. I get my fix of physics killing there. My impressions is that Crysis is a great tech demo (and perhaps a good game?) for cutting edge rigs and looks pretty poor everywhere else.

I’ve not had a problem with objects popping into view like this for years. However, If you can afford/have great hardware, Enjoy the game!


Crysis runs great here! It has a small FPS drop with the settings set to ‘High’.
Loading takes only 30 seconds or less here (at least in the SP demo, I hope I’ll be able to buy the full game when it’s out) .

Some screenies (and some stories):

‘Nomad: Bug?
Prophet: Nomad stop destroying that environment and get back to work, you’ve destroyed enough!!
Nomad: What? My name isn’t Nomad!
Prophet: It’s your codename. Your real name is Jack Dunn.
Nomad: No it isn’t!
Prophet: What!?
Nomad: My name is Christiaan Bakker. Duh!
Prophet: Another noob shooting trees and blowing up the houses.’

‘Korean Soldier: What? I can’t help it. You made me do it!’

‘Don’t mess with AniCator!’

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EDIT: My rig:
Intel® Pentium® D 925 3.0GHz. Dual Core Processor
ECS P4M800PRO-M2 (V2.0)
200GB 7200RPM
HKC 3002D Midi Tower with 400W PSU ATX
16x48 zilver
NVIDIA GeForce 7600GS AGP 256 MB
Realtek ALC655 6-Channel audio AC97 CODEC
VIA® VT6103L 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet PHY