ivy temple

Hi, this is my first post here. It is nothing special, but I decided to post it here. Hope you like it.



Only crit. is that the other side of the statue appears not to have one of those ‘flaps’.? It just cuts off. If I could see a bit of the other shoulder it would make it alot better.

I like it :slight_smile:

The only comments I have about it is the texture/ color of the leaves is a little odd. And the texture o the ground under the statue looks like it is just a picture under it. Maybe you should add a normal map to it? Like how it looks on the others. And maybe add some more ivy on the back wall, or kinda wither it down.

You have inspired me to something that is kinda like this… although I won’t finish it.

Nice work. Farthioner, it is because the other shoulder is obscured by the sheeps beard.

Whoahoho :smiley:
Thats awesome. Was it a long render?

Yes indeed, I like it, the rams head looks great. The floor could do with just a little tweak but still its good work.

Nice image and welcome to Blenderartists. Did you use the ivygenerator for the ivy?

Thank you guys for your comments. I know that there are a lot of faults, but I have finished this scene in only 3 or 4 hours including modeling (except of that statue) anf texturing and light setup. For ivy I have used ivy generator (great tool for all cg artists). At first I wanted only to test ivy generator, but vhen I rendered the ivy I was surprised how cool it looked. So I decided to create simple scene to fill the left space in the picture.
Rendered in Internal. Render tooks 10 hours.
And sorry for my english.