J.B. Monge fan art

Hello everybody, i wanna share with this community my last personal project realized with Blender 2.79.
I just wanna model as best as i can a Monge’s illustration with a dwarf on a rabbit.

So i started sculting the body, everithing needs to be tuned up, but i think it’s time to share something.
Hope you like it and to get a final good model and render.
See you with the next update!


Low poly dress completed, more details added in the next days…

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Rabbit sculpt ready. The pose is not very good for retopo, but it’s really nice!

a small update to the process.

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some props for the rabbit are ready

some small modifications and update to the main characters, some props that give some color…

retopo time complete! let’s start with the body…

retopo of the rabbit complete

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that looks awesome… impressive.