Jabberwock Mech Final

(harkyman) #1

Thanks for the comment in WIP. I decided to keep the model the same (no beefing up), but displayed it a little better this time. I think some people were fooled by the poor composition of the WIP into thinking that the head was proportionally huge. I also tweaked the tree model so the main branches branched more smoothly. Redid the grass with RipSting’s excellent Fiber plugin (33MB .blend file!). Post was done in Photoshop.

–> http://www.reed-witting.com/hsupload/jwprocessedthumb.jpg <-- Click here for full size

You can see the straight out Blender render here.

You can see the original WIP here.

(macouno) #2


Almost too hazy… but then I like grainy pics… hmmm… nah it’s cool!

Oh and here’s a description from the “dictionary of fabulous beasts”


‘The jabberwock with eyes of flame.
Came miffling through the tugley wood.
And burbled as it came.’

Only to find that it’s creator, Lewis Carol, had reserved no better fate for it than the point of a ‘vorpal blade’.

hehe not much of a description but that is what it says :wink:

(bmax) #3

looks cool.

(harkyman) #4

Yeah, the poem of the Jabberwock appears in Through the Looking Glass. I know it well. My daughters know it, too. They love to play Jabberwock, chop off it’s imaginary head, etc…

One two! One two! And through and through.
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack.

He left it dead, And with it’s head,
He went galumphing back.

And hast though slain the Jabberwock?
Come to my arms, my beamish boy!

Oh frabjous day! Caloo! Callay!
He chortled in his joy.

(give or take, its from memory)

(bob_dog) #5


Try that for the original text. It also has a picture of the beast.

I love your digital version by the way - it rocks. I would only move the head to one side a bit so you can see the tree sticking out of the ground. It looks a bit like it is coming out of his head! :wink:

(slikdigit) #6

This is awesome.

(Turrin) #7

Its a good pic with nice textures and composition, however, you lost some praise in the postproduction. Your colors become washed out, and that takes away from the final quality of the pic. I would play with photoshop a little more to bring back the color. Otherwise, great job.

(Dittohead) #8

impressive!!! 8) 8) 8)

(Idgas) #9

wow very nice job loogs great

(bmax) #10

how about a few commas and periods in between? :smiley:

(malefico) #11

Beautiful. As always the Harkyman did it again !!

Congrats !


(Waffler) #12

Wow! I love the Jabberwocky poem! It’s the only poem I actually memorised. I had an idea of creating the Jabberwocky with Blender that was hevily based on the original ink drawing (vest and all), but I’m far too lazy. Only part of his head actually ended up being built. I wanted to make an animation of the adventure.

(blengine) #13

thats one cool picture :o the scene is beautfil and so is the beast =) great job…
oooooo i see checkers!!! bottom right hand corner on the dirt! that happened to me too! hehehe, youve got checkers on your dirt from your spotlights, lol, clipsta=too close but its barely noticeable

only one crit besides the checkers :wink:
the head, for some reason, it makes me wanna make the subusrfs higher =\ either the reflection is jagged, or the model, but it looks great all together 8)

(BgDM) #14

Excellent work. The mech looks OK to me now. Might have just been the pose you had it in previously. Excellent work.

Also, if you increase the lamps Bias to greater than 1.000, this gets rid of that as well.