Jabulani, Teamgeist and Starball - "Soccer Ball Series" (Updated)

I’d like to share these reference modeling sheets with the community. I created them after I read a William “Proton” Vaughan’s tutorial. Proton shows the tecnique to model a Jabulani ball. I found my way to model other two famous soccer balls: the Teamgeist and the Champions League Starball.

Here, my post about the Proton’s tutorial. (Italian language)

These “tutorials” are very good, thanks for posting them :slight_smile:

Finally, a solution for modeling all types of soccerballs in Blender :slight_smile: Great, great, great!

Thanks guys , I really appreciate your comments. I’ll try to post a last “modeling sheet” about another famous soccer ball… as soon as possible :slight_smile:

you are genius … I like your tutorial very much :slight_smile:

Wow! I really like your tutorial! Thank you very much for posting!!! :smiley:

Thanks guys! I’ve updated the thread, I added one more modeling sheet. :slight_smile:

These are really fantastic! I spent a while trying to make the Teamgeist ball and had gotten pretty close but couldn’t get the last few steps. Great job!

these are fantastic! thanks for posting

Perfect, just perfect.

Awesome tips, thanks a lot for sharing