(PlantPerson) #1

If you carved a pumpkin, here’s the place to post a picture! I decided to make an insane one:
Note the ears. They’re pieces of the flesh, held on by toothpicks.

(lucidMonkey) #2


(bmax) #3

What you call “flesh” looks a lot like Gouda cheese to me… :stuck_out_tongue:

(digital_me) #4

I am carving mine like a pirate skull… I will post a piccy as soon as I am done!

(Flurp) #5

here’s mine, took me 2 hours to carve it but i think it turned out alright, its a bit shabby, but who cares, its halloween.

By the way its ‘Trogdor!!!’ from homestarrunner.com


(PlantPerson) #6

I’m referring to the flesh of the pumpkin

(bmax) #7

I’m referring to the flesh of the pumpkin[/quote]

Oh…err…ho hum…whistle**whistle…wasuh me…

(WhiteBoy) #8

I didn’t get around to making one this year, but here’s one I did two years ago. It’s SpongeBob. Took me hours to do.

It looked freaking awesome when it was lit, but I don’t have any pictures of that with me.