Jack Russel - Full course - Final Illustration

Hi Everyone, I’m proud to announce that the course is finaly available.
Hope you’ll like it!

Check out the announcement trailer!

"Hi All,

I’m preparing a full course to create a jack Russel dog character with a cartoonish style from scratch to fully shaded and rigged.

IT will be under sales ASAP

You can register to my mailing list for official announcement.
I will make some official announcement as soon as it is ready here and also on BlnederNation and wherever I can.
If you’re interested, just follow this thread or subscribe to my youtube channel and you’ll know when it’s ready."

EDIT : Click here for HD version(3456x1944)

Here is the final result.
I’m pretty happy with this even if I believe it could have been better.
Whatever, it is a great ending for this project and the promotion of my very first course wich met a pretty nice success for a first try.

I’ve been recording the postproduction process and it will be very soon available here.
You can subscribe to my youtube channel if you want to get otified as soon as it is released.

… and here it is


All modeling Finished.
All Uvs done, all maps baked… ready for texture painting.

Hi pieriko

He is looking really good, just maybe the tail is a bit too fat where it joins his body. Are you just going to paint him or is he going to get fur?


He will have a complete fur system and will be fully rigged.
I’ve just noticed that #2 have no image attached right now, while it had one yesterday
That’s weird.

Texturing and shading are now done for the base mesh.
I now need to play with fur and shade it!


Hi pieriko

He is looking really good, I like the slight smile he has now, gives him lots of character.


thanks, the pose is a bit weird but it is a simple shapekey to make it a little more interesting.

All hair system and shading are done.
Now starting working on the rig.


I’m really happy to announce I’m close to the end of the recording.
The rig is done (and was a big piece) and corrective shapekeys are also done.

Just a few driver lessons and it will be ready for post production and official release :slight_smile:

Hi Pieriko

I think that congratulations are in order, he looks really good, maybe just a bit of glossy to the eyeball?

Will you make some video of animation or will you just pose him for some stills?


I will make an animation for the course teaser :slight_smile:

It looks excellent. Look forward to this course :slight_smile:

I’ve made some test on the finished model to stress the rig and it seems to respond very well.
All recording is now done, I need to work on cuts and production of the tutorials and prepare a teaser to promot the course release.

Coming super soon I think :slight_smile:

Hi Pierrick! You did it again! Amazing work :smiley:

I’ve started working on the teaser to announce the course release.
I’m prety happy so far :slight_smile:

Youcan subscribe to my emailing list to receive offcial news about the course release

Really cool stuff pieriko. I’ll look out for your training series when it’s released.

HaHaHa, I like the intro animation. Very funny :slight_smile:

Hi Minoribus, Nice to hear from you…
Yeah, it’s gonna be even more funny when you’ll have it finished.

The render is finished, this one is for the announcement vidéo but I’m also working on a trailer to give me some time on finishing tutorial production…

Hi People,

check out the first trailer :evilgrin: