Jack Skellington WIP

Not sure what my scene will be yet, but i sure do like jack

I’ll need to fix the top of his head a little


Nice work dude! You’ve got the face looking way better than when I did him (my first and only character model).

Nice start. Looks like character perfectly matching the Nightmare Before Christmas film style.

Here’s a quick update on what i’ve done. I want the scene to have him on that awesome hill that spirals in, and has the huge moon in the background.

I don’t know what it is, sad jack tugs at my heartstrings hehe


That is truly amazing! Mine looked disgusting compared with that.

Awesome eyes!

Excellent progress :slight_smile:

here’s with some textures and different lighting

the background is proving to be hard. The moon is gonna take forever to figure out


WOOHOO!! Go mister! That looks awesome. And I’m a sap for a good animatable character. So uh… hintety hint hint.

You mean face! lol! I love Jack…I love anything Tim Burton!

He looks fantastic!!! Im so jealous! I’ve been trying to draw him out in Photoshop…But I suck at drawing!
the last render needs a little more light…

For you scene do the cover of the VHS movie

I was going to do it for the Blender world cup But i never finished.

Coming along splendidly. Is that background procedural or did you do a matte painting? The moon is hard.
You might also want to change composition a little to give the image more dynamic at the moment he is a bit static being dead center.

that’s awesome!

That link wasn’t working for me.
I really wan’t to put him on that spiral hill. I’m guessing that’s what the pic was.
Oh and he’s super dark because I was trying to make the moon silouhette him correctly. It’s proving difficult. Lighting is hard> I need all the help I can get

Thanks for the advice all!!! you guys are awesome!!!

Kanthonyjr…Yeah it was him up on the hill… You could make Sally and Jack up on the hill Standing right in front of the moon with some clouds

But i think the cover of the Movie the best…

Lighting is hard…Are you using AO and Spot Lights? With Buf shadows… Thats how id do it…For the AO you could use the Sky Color option

Ya i’m using AO. I love AO, it looks so cool. I’m using spots to backlight him. I’ll get it eventually. I might have to come back to this project in a couple years. I’m going to be in scotland on a church mission with no computer. Too bad I just got into this. I should have been doing a long time ago. Ah well. I love the suggestions guys, they make me wanna learn more. With a bit more experience I think i’ll get it. I’m probably starting too big trying to model jack, but I’ll definitely finish him someday.