Jack wip

This is a character I am making to teach myself Blender, hopefully when I am done I will have a textured, rigged character and some animations as well. There is that one huge quad on the cheek that has me a bit worried, does anyone think artifacts will result from it? Yeah, I know the edge flow needs work, but I think it is OK in the animated parts. C&C please


I did some reworking to get rid of the six-pole; I tried many methods but eventually just deleted a strip of faces and rebuilt it.


Thats a very cool render. looking forward to seeing how this turns out

Nice “metro-Mayan” look you’ve got there. Good edge loops aroung the eyes and mouth, shouldn’t have any problems animating it. He’s missing a lot of skull behind his ears, but that may be a stylistic decision.

I like the design, perhaps experiment with the nose a little as its uniform size seems a little lacking. Perhaps draw the bridge in a little?

Thanks for the comments!
Sammaron: the render is just a basic model render, hopefully when done it will have an “Oktapodi” look to it

Orinco: “metro-Mayan.” you should coin that. The skull is lacking, but so may be his brains :slight_smile: It’s funny how characters start developing personalities early on.

Damaged: tucked in the nose ever so slightly, thanks for the constructive critique.


I like your style! You have tons of potential!

Keep working!

here is an update of my character, thanks to the guys at montage studios whose low poly male figure I studied to do the shoulders (which I struggled with initially).


Considering the face (overall composition and weight) I expected this characters body to be a lot slimmer. The fact that he came out portly just kind of throws off the head (for me atleast). Anyways, the start of the body is pretty good. The torso looks well modeled the only real problem I see is in the seat of this guys pants. First, his legs so far are a bit thin to be carrying that keg, and his crotch goes into his body in a bowed shape, much like he’s been sitting on a wide horse his whole life. Tweek these things a bit and you’ll really have something going. (The arms fit with the torso, think about how weighty they are now and how the legs should be.)

I also thought of him to be smaller. Great head, love the character in it. His face, mainly his cheeks would be fuller if he were that large though. Look rather awkward right now. Keep up the good work!

Jack’s backstory: Jack likes beer. And he doesn’t get out in the sun much so he’s got the rickets. :cool:
Here is the 30 second doodle that he is based on, which has been “cleaned up” in the gimp, but not really.


Here he is with some base color, I think the thumbs need some work now that I see them in this pic…


Nice eyes and shirt. This is usually the hardest to get right and must admit you have done an awesome job on. The nose kind of appears “square” or “blockish”. Mayhaps you need to put tweaks to it. Awesome job overall!

I would isolate most of the belly weight more downwards, myself. But you’ve got a good style and a great look. Keep it up!

The topology has really improved since the start of the thread. Keep it up!

Putting him in T pose might be easier to rig. Because of his pudge, I’m gonna recommend you build a ‘cage’ around him, and use the MeshDeform modifier.

Yeah, I had assumed that he would be skinny as a rake, but when you have the bushy eyebrows, it seems to match it more. Also I think that portly people have a fatty bit under their chins, this might help the head match the body more.

As for the skin, apply a bit of SSS! it makes such an immense difference. Although it looks like the whole thing is one model, so it will apply it to the whole model… But if you do get it working, I think that an ever so slight SSS effect will make it look heaps good and suit the style well.

It could just be me but from what I can gather from the reference pic his legs have changed a fair bit. Might want to make them shorter to emphasise the distended gut without bringing it down further.

Looking good though :smiley:

hey thanks for the comments everyone

Brookesy: I originally tried to do sss on the head, but the renders came out black, except a few faint red spots. I am new to this tho so I was probably missing something obvious. Like a light. :smiley: Thing is, I’m on a first gen macbook, and I want to focus on animating him, so I think in the end most materials will be on the “light” side.

Ninji: yeah I’ve been considering tapering the legs and making them closer to the ref, but we shall see.

As a side note, materials wise I would like to make him look similar to the ref, are ramps a good method to do this? I am shooting for a “soft” toon look, like still 3D looking but not realistic.

OK OK you guys win! smaller gut, shorter, tapered legs, and I gotta say that I like it better. Thanks!


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