Jagged/Zig zagged Displacement Map Pattern Fix?

Displacement Fix.rar (3.1 MB)

Hey all! Is there any way you can help me fix this distortion on the hexagon pattern using the displacement map without cranking subdivision up to its highest? I know you need a high resolution mesh in order to displace it best, but its 59 million vertices and using 12gb of memory, and the file size is 5.54gb when exported!!! Please help me!

  • Thanks!

What is shown in the blend file is only the pattern part and not the full model, but if you need the full file just ask!

Which render engine? Please show the node/modifier setup for this.

Any I guess, It’s not supposed to be for rendering but for 3D Printing!

As long as you want a single unified mesh using displacements, there is not much work around unless you model it.

If the resolution is an issue for you, then instead of using the displacement modifier just model the hexagon pattern and extrude it.

You can also try putting a decimate modifier after the displacement modifier to optimize the model prior to export after increasing the resolution to get to the level you want. You might be able to get rid of bunch of unnecessary verts, also adding a merge modifier after it might help further.