Jaguar SS1 1932

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This is my very first car. I hope you like it, guys.

A little bit of interior done too.

I tried some other shots but none were working well out. I finally decided to go for a studio setup. But I zuck at studio setup.

Jaguar SS1 1932
(CG Thoughts) #2

Outdoor renders is more difficult because you need to work a lot for a efficient environement.

For studio lighting try to add light behind your car. Objective : to make a rim reflexion on your model.

However your model is very beautifull !

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The other solution for outdoor render : use shadow catcher and make a render with only your car on transparent background. After, put your render in real photography.

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Thank you! I tried Rim Light but it was creating a white cloud on the back window, so I removed it. Added it now with better background

(GarageFarm.NET) #5

I love the model - can see the hard work behind it…
And the presentation is cool.
I really enjoy the front lights

Just the tires look a bit off to me. (something about the shader)

Great work dude

Jarek D (DJ)

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Thanks, Jarek D. Are you talking about the rubber part or the rim?

(GarageFarm.NET) #7

I ment the rubber. There seems to be a roughness map - propably procedural that is to obvious - seems too perfect for me.
But that’s just to find something to improve in an overall top notch work :slight_smile:

keep blending
Jarek D (DJ)

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Thanks! I corrected the roughness.

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Which of these two looks better?

(Gustavo) #11

Incredible MODEL!

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Thank you!

Updated. Final I suppose.

This version looks bad cause of the weird reflection on the front bumper:

(C_Campbell) #13

looks good . a few more angles might be interesting.

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Did some here: Jaguar SS1 1932