JAGUAR video tutorial!

(blengine) #1

hehe, finally, after talking 3 hours of talking into my computer to record the audio while camtasia was capturing my screen movement video, i finished my first video tutorial!.. its a CAR!

a jaguar f-concept… apretty rad looking car and it came out pretty good… these vids will be put on cds and sent out snail mail, more info at my tute page

go there! =)

oh, heres some pics of what the car looks like in real life, and the final product of the tutorial

what do u think? interested? 8)


(IamInnocent) #2

OK… could you put a sample of a few seconds on your site ? Please, don’t make it a trailer. :wink:

You may not like checks that much, especially those drawn on an Iraqi bank, for example, if you live in the US of A…

Who’s paying for delivery ? Costs differ greatly if you deliver downtown Phillie or downtown Poste à la Baleine.

Give news : i hardly can wait.

(Caronte) #3

I’m sure your video tutorial will be good enough! :wink:

I never was see your site and I have to say…
Thi’s AWESOME! Your skills are very, very good with Blender :smiley:

keep up the good work!!

(ectizen) #4

A walkthrough of that car? Yes! I’m very much interested!

You mentioned elsewhere (Q&A, I think) that you’ll be doing a few of these. To reduce the hassles of international mail, and currency conversions (trust me - you do not want Australian dollars…) I’ll wait until you’ve got a few available.

Time to start saving up…

(snowy_duck) #5

drools onself :o

interested yes
whats goona be the cost of stuff? u know like shipping and the cd

(blengine) #6

haha i didnt think about international money…hmmm… grrrr…help! hehe… ill hopefully have 2 more done by next weekend… ::character modeling, and then another one…??::

any suggestions for tutes? help me help u! after i get a few up, ill figure something out…


(hannibar) #7

A video tut about UV-mapping would be great. You could explain all different UV mapping techniques you can use within blender.

(joecool) #8

Post a clip of it so we can see what it would be like. but very good idea! I wanna see the quality of it and junk. :slight_smile:

(ectizen) #9


Name your price.

(milkman) #10

I would also like one!

Could you accept PayPal payments?