Jahka Particles - Bugs causing crash

I don’t know whether to put this into the bug tracker, so maybe someone can confirm this:

  1. Use the default cube and add a particle system. Change to edit mode and remove the lower four vertices. => Crash
  2. The pointcache directory is created in the current directory, which means pretty much everywhere. Should be created in the tmp directory by default.

SVN-Version 12685, Linux 32bit.

The first one can be found in the bug tracker. You could add the second one there though.

  1. Add particles to Curve => Crash
  2. Add particles to Surface => Freeze

moh taia: I confirmed those and added to tracker.

This is so brilliant! Many thanks to all the developers, there is such a good an forthgoing developement. Quite a few bugs that I wanted to post have already been fixed.

You rock!

Now let’s go on:

  1. Use the default cube, add a particle system. Remove the lower four vertices (the bug previously mentioned is already fixed!). => One particle is rendered in the bottom left corner of the cube (at -1/-1/-1).

I will put everything into the tracker that will be confirmed.

Thanks BeBraw

the bug fixed

  • Fix for bug #7840: adding particle system to nurbs, curves crashes.
    Now simply doesn’t allow to add a particle system to a non-mesh
    object, the current code does not support it.

but the particle system was support adding particles and hairs to Curves before “point caching”
but may be Jahka removed this code when he removed “Emit from Edge” option ?
i’m not sure

another small thing about this fix

Fix for bug #7834: deleting vertices of an object with a particle
system crashes. Fixed by disabling particle display for objects in

when you remove Vertices from object with Hair on it
and back to Object mode
make undo then redo
the hair will disappear from the new object
( will appear again if you enter edit mode then back to object mode )


another bug

1- add hair to cube
2- Emit from Verts
the hair will ignore one vert form the cube and emit it from center instead

also with normal particles the cube will still emit from center


If I were you I’d wait a couple of weeks before I started incorporating this newly merged major functionality into my projects. In fact, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Just for playing around, it’s certainly fun, but the Peachers are going to be banging on it with sledgehammers in the next couple of weeks, so bug fixes are going to come fast and furious.

Bug fixes are already coming in spades if you look in the mailing lists, so expect lots of fixes.