Jahka particles ready for full intergration into SVN

From this source

The particle patch is ready for official merge, with the merging to be done by Jahka. It has been made as backward compatible as possible. brecht’s new hair render also will allow to render like 100 meg or more polys in a frame the same system we will make ready for grass, leaves

And then you’ll be able to render all that fur as well as tons of grass.

Good job Jahka, your particles will officially be in 2.50

wow. I mean holy cheese! :eek:

And the BMesh system too! w00t.

CD: Why do you have to always pre-empt everything and get the palaver of the first word in. Why don’t you let the coders announce themselves when they’re ready?

They’re as ready as they’ll ever be. They made the announcement already in the public development area.

I’m looking forward to the new particle patch. It’s a huge improvement over the previous system.

Well, that train of thought assumes that Eeshlo also wanted qDune publicly talked about when he put it on the DEVELOPER page(operative word, developer), when I’m reasonably sure I recollect that he didn’t.

Anyway, that’s not the point, either way, whether the feature is ready or not; I mean this: why not let the developer say ‘look what I made for you guys’ instead of having some third party forum-crawler say ‘look at the stuff someone made that we get to play with?’

I mean, maybe the developer will never announce it himself, but it’s not like anyone’s ever given them a chance, is it?

second what blackboe said, sorry Alden, but i have to agree there.

Uhh, OK…whatever

I check the Sunday meeting agenda religiously…it is available to the public. The devs know that people read this stuff and they know it comes with the territory…once again, whatever.

I think that CD is doing a good service by tracking and explaining when needed those news for those users that aren’t as fluent as he is in coder lingo.
No indiscretion has been committed here and our appreciation for Jakha or Alfredo is just as great as ever.


Hold your cheese on that one: passing lurkers may think that it is a fact rather than a wish. There’s still a lot to go for Briggs on the Bmesh front and no assurance can be made yet, judging by what I read till now.


Sounds like great news, but there is no ETA on 2.5 is there? (except that its supposed to be before now and the next siggraph or so?)

he isn’t fluent in coder lingo, he reads the feature commit logs like a rabid badger.

anyway, you people all know best, I’m sure. It was just a thought.

I’m Interested in CD’s comments - ere’s to ya support me ole mate!

So let’s hope that the (very serious) bugs will be fixed then. But I guess we can post them into the bug tracker if the particle patch will be merged into the official svn branch.

Come on! It’s open source we are talking about!

I know it’s open source, please try not to miss the point.

Anyway, I wasn’t advocating that these posts should become banned or anything, I was just wondering if anyone considered that the coders might get a little personal enjoyment out of announcing it themselves. Obviously everyone has considered, and decided it not worth worrying about. I won’t push it any more.

BB, no big deal…you are not the enemy…it was just a statement…don’t sweat it.
I think they have a decent grasp of the value of their efforts.

It is open source, that’s just the point. The developers “pay” is the kudos and enhanced reputation among peers gained from doing great work. For some rabid badger (not you, CD) to try to pick up some of that glory by running first into our playground yelling, “They’re bringing us this! They’re bringing us that!” just seems, well, off putting. Fragile. Use no hooks. This side up. Biohazard.

Oh yeah, sorry.:o

No problem.


heh, BlackBoe, just get used to it.
it’s always been like that. i doubt it will change either.
most important thing is, the credits will go to the correct people anyway.

and, i doubt developers would be posting announcements here very much… it’s mostly release logs in blender.org that they do. and as we all know, community is filled with feature junkies that can’t wait for releases, so they follow mailinglists… and discuss the news here…

but yea.sometimes i feel a bit sorry for devs too, that their work gets digged up and announced before it’s even ready… and then every user have an opinion about it and want to participate… but anyway, better here, than on mailinglists :slight_smile:

so just relax honey…