Ok, I’m making this prison cell in blender for a school project based on the book: Cherub, Maximum Security.

In this book, the jail is not like ordinary cells, but each cell holds many people (under the age of 17).

So I’m not going for anything amazing (not that I’m capable of that anyway), but would be interested to know how I could improve this image.

By the way, the stuff on the floor is just mess like books + T-shirts, with bunks along the wall.


Cheers, Cuby

Not bad…one thing.The clothes dont look nice since they are colored and the rest is black and white or are you trying to attract attention to that part.And are those things on the right bunk beds,if they are…cooooooool…i’ve never seen a bunk bed with 3 floors/layers or watever you call them!:wink:
Good work!:smiley:

Thanks trak wrecka. I toned down the colours of the clothing.

How does it look now?

That’s more like it.I love it.Some spotlights shining down would even make it look more like a max security jail,Oh and are u basing this on the book’s description.If not you could maybe add security cameras around the room!:wink: :smiley:
Sorry if im spoiling the whole point of the priject.
Oh and i love cuby!made the tutorial then made my own combined using a uv sphere for the head,cubes for the hand and cones for the leg and i made an animation.;):stuck_out_tongue:
Anywayz keep up the good work;) .

Thanks. I think I’ll leave it as is, as when I tried a camera, it just looked like a black smudge in the corner of the room. Also, where would spotlights come from, as this is a picture from inside?

Ha, glad you like Cuby, and that the tutorial was good. Thanks. There’s a new Kung fu Cuby in the making at the moment, which will be much longer and much better than the originals, as they aren’t very good.


Oh ok.If the cameras look ugly its okay!I was thinking the spotlights could come from the top from those rectangular lights and maybe shine on the floors.Oh and are u planning to add a human model/models???This project is coming along great.
Hope i have been of assitance;) .
p.s. can’t wait till the new kung fu cuby movie comes along.I made my personal cuby punch the camera in my animation!:stuck_out_tongue:

Looks good! But I think the objects on the floor look very clean and a bit odd. I can’t quite put my finger on it but there is something wrong with them…

These cells must be very large! And also for giants! The three-layered bunk beds are surely a good height, but the door appears to be the same height. I know that my old bunkbed (which was just a double) was nearly 8 feet high.

The sheets/covers for the bed are pretty well done, though some appear smooth (which is good), while others appear jagged. Try to fix that if possible, as it will make the scene more realistic.

I can’t say I like the clothes thrown about… This seems to be a pretty detailed scene, but the clothes look awkwardly proportioned and very irregular strewn about like that. Either remake them with some dimension, detail and appropriate size, or lose them. I think they can be a good addition to the scene, but they have to be modelled properly to do so.

Sorry to sound like a critic! I’m not very good at modelling myself, so I know that it can be discouraging. Please take my comments as suggestions, not critics. I hope that they can improve your image, but it’s your choice to listen. I’m no expert, these are just my opinions. :slight_smile:

What about some wall textures ? And “lines for every day in prison”. Some playmate-posters in the cells :wink:

Are all the inmates naked?

It looks pretty good! I would say it needs some kind of dirty texture on te floor. The scattered stuff just looks odd on such a clean floor…of course, you prob just havent finished the texturing yet. Its good, Keep it up!

I was going to suggest a little more dirt also, as well as scuff marks, and general paint buildup on certain areas of the walls…otherwise I think it looks pretty good :slight_smile:

maybe like more of a ‘dirt shader’, as they call it…?

I wish Blender had a dirt shader. All we have is AO

I think what everyone is saying,is simply try and make the picture more realistic.You made cuby right???so why not use that imagination on this picture too.:wink:
Push it to the limit.LOL!

Woah! Lots of feedback! Thanks guys.
Ok, here’s the replys…

Popsy: Yeah, there is definately something wrong there, I’ll have a go at it and see what I can do

hobbes: The beds are supposed to be small (hight that is) as it’s a prison, so I was trying for the ‘not so spacious look’. I’ll fix the bed sheets also.

unstable: Ok, I’ll try a texture, but I can’t really do the posters and stuff because I’m basing it on a book for a school project.

Framedworld: Ummmm, no. I was going to have someone in the scene, but I suck at modeling humans, so I’ve given that one a miss. Maybe for another project.

free_ality: I’ll work on the textures a bit

JohnMoran: Yeah, I agree about the dirt.

trak wrecka: Yes, I made Cuby, so good advice, I’ll see what I can do.

I’m a bit busy at the moment though so I’ll do it when I get some spare time, later tonight maybe.

Ok, I added a better texture to the walls.

Just testing things out, but how does it look without the clothes. I haven’t had a go at tweaking them yet though so I will still see what I can do with them, unless you all think it looks better without them.

To me it looks to plain though.

Cheers Cuby


Add a strong bumpmap on the floor… i love bumpmaps!

its a jail its going to be pretty plain… it needs some better textures. is it menmt to be a clean jail or a sci fi jail ?? i havent read the book so i dont know but it looks odd to me being so smooth and clean

…give it some story to … maybe have clothes covering one of the beds or somebody sitting on the edge of the bed. grafiti on the wall would be another good touch

Rated T for teen :wink: