Jaime Lannister

Hi to all. I came to a certain stage and I need fresh views and advice. I’m trying to achieve realism as far as I can. What do you think gives the picture feel that it is render, and if it is possible more directed advice (and not just " with the hair something is wrong" and so on). Thank you in advance.
This is not the final, I plan to add clothes, a severed arm (wrapped in a rag), blood and scars on face, put in a pose and add a sadder, desperate expression with barely visible tears (like in the scene in the bath in the serial). The main task of photorealism and convey emotions, what would the audience believe and feel.

This is far above what I can do, but I will offer my opinion. From the pictures I’ve looked at, I think he has a touch more pigmentation in his skin (slightly more brown?). Also, maybe up the roughness slightly, and increase the definition of wrinkles in certain areas, like in between the eye brows. It’s hard to tell for certain, since most of the pics that come up in google search have at least a little more expression in his face than this. In the end, maybe go ahead and add the blood and scars in, from what I’ve seen, the more detail added in, the more imperfections, the more realistic something becomes, so you may be closer to realistic than what it seems.

Thanks for advise ) I will try to change some of this

damn man you almost got him, nice work


Do you have a specular map applied on your model? I think, some parts of the face such as tip of his nose should be a little bit shinier for more realistic result. But anyway, this is awesome work!

yea I have, and ok I will try to change it, thanks

on last image png alpha was broken after uploading

omg that’s amazing, that’s an amazing job, be sure about that and you can be proud of yourself. you seem to have real talent, i even envy you a bit. but being here i want to ask you, i might have questions in the future and i see you know these things really well, might i ask you something? thanks!

yea you can, if you want)

This looks amazing. You really made the hair look better. I think the eyes need work. He’s on the verge of tears but I think the eye is too bright with not enough red. See how these eyes look.

Right now you have red coming in from the sides of the eye but i think it needs a gradient closer to the iris. The veins closer to the iris become more visible from the increased blood flow.

Hi, thanks for advise , but I already finished this work and in the wip it is not last version . check it here https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?441771-Jaime&highlight=
I am making other work now . But any way thanks for help.