JamesMR's Cycles Sketchbook

Going to post my doodles with Cycles here, starting with this image,


C&C welcomed

Looks teh smexy, like I said before :slight_smile:

A current work in progress, thanks to Pash for the radiator and lamp models.

border between ceiling and walls needs to exist


The top edge is rather crude and unrealistic. The first render is so cool!

First render,even though rather boring, is amazing.

Could someone please briefly explain to me how to do textures in Cycles and how to adjust the amount of displacement or bump mapping in Cycles?

Did I really just kill this thread?

There’s a texture category at the top of the nodes menu, plug any mix of textures into the color input of one or more closure nodes and use a texture coordinates node to plug in the coordinate type into the texture node’s vector input. (options will also appear in the properties panel that show options not seen in the node tree)

As for adjusting the amount of bump, you would string your bumpmap through a math node set to multiply before feeding it into the displacement input.

I would’ve answered yesterday, but I really wanted to get an image rendered out and I figured someone else might help. :slight_smile: