Jane Porter

This is my new sculpting work based on David Lojaya’s fan art character of Jane Porter from Disney Tarzan movie. Jane Porter was one of my favourite female character at the time when i was a kid. So this is my first time using Blender as my sculpting tool because usually i’m using Zbrush as my workflow but with Blender i can do a lot of things with one software :wink:. The most challenging part is lighting setup and composition but i’m having a lot of time working on this model :grin:
so yeah i hope you guys like it! :smile:

anyway i cant post multiple images because im new in this community, so i can give a link for full images from my Artstation.

Full images: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/rR86N2
instagram account: @kevicim


Epic! :blue_heart:

Thankyou! :blush:

mantep rendernya :grin:

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That looks amazing! :grinning:

Did you do the hair using curves?

And are the textures all painted in Blender as well?

Thankyou :smiley:

Thanks! yes for the hair i’m using curves and yeah all done in Blender only. :blush:

I featured you on BlenderNation, stay safe and have a great weekend!

Thankyou! may i ask how to get featured tag in my post?

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Featured artwork is selected and voted by Truste Level 3 members.

Ah i see, thanks for the info :blush:

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