January sculpt and test sculpt in blender 2.8

Day 1: mouth and nose:
Time: 30 min
Comments: Sculpted in Blender 2.8, Man the lack of specular in 3dviewport is such a paint to sculpt but i have decided that i will practice Blender 2.8 during this January sculpt so forgive dull screenshots https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/ff6/2/16/1f609.png:wink:

Januarysculpt Day 2: Mask
Time: 30 min
Comment: still sculpting in Blender 2.8, I found the solution for spec with matcap but at about 50K, Got intense lag only in sculpt mode. Sculpt mode need some love please if dev is reading this show us some love https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/fed/2/16/2764.png

Day 8: eye

Time: 45min

Comment: still using Blender 2.8, today i got so weird mesh update once i went to edit mode everything went back to normal :slight_smile:

I have sculpted from memory mostly and just following my strokes and my feelings :wink:

The lag hits me around 40k couldn’t continue :frowning:

Day 4: Desert or termite eater :slight_smile:

Time: 1h30

Comment: still using Blender 2.8 and i found a work around for the lagging problem. Divide to conquer was my solution :wink: And had fun with the new vertex painting :slight_smile:

Found myself with a new problem how to remove an object from a collection?

Day 12: Pan

Time: less than 1 hour

Comment: Just when i was feeling comfortable sculpting with Blender 2.8, then a crash :frowning: the hidden mask in sculpt mode is broken. If you hide a part everything seems to work well but when switching in edit Blender crashes or when saving.

I had to stop sculpting and investigate this :wink:

The most annoying thing is when i think about this sculpt january movement. Its like a third edition and since beginning so its like 3years ago there is not a single change/feature or any improvement added to blender. So many people choose blender as sculpting tool and there is no impact from blender fundation. Not a single developer interested. Even here you talk to yourself.

Yes of course we didn’t have big feature in sculpt and paint for long time, this is because sculpt and paint is kind of orphan and people who commit there are already dedicated to other modules. Campbell had added this -> https://youtu.be/ZtBEfPplEcQ 3 months ago. And Mont, the French guy, committed some multi-threading lately, so they are following and answering only by fixing the problem and not posting in the forum.

Day 9: Tool
Time: About more than 1 hour
Comment: It seems like some devs already following my posts. So some questions and problems posted before are addressed. No crash more with hidden mask, once you drag and drop a mesh to another collection it doesn’t duplicate it anymore, it is now moving all the mesh.
I found out an other crash after adding uv sphere, while editing the numeric value if you hit the tab key you will get a crash.
F2 addons is so broken https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v9/fdf/2/16/1f62d.png��https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v9/fdf/2/16/1f62d.png��https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v9/fdf/2/16/1f62d.png��https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v9/fdf/2/16/1f62d.png��
The lag is still there but it is dyntopo not sculpt mode as i stated before. Everything is going smooth until you active dyntopo with a mesh more than 50k.

Edit: drag and drop work better in object mode, in sculpt mode everything gets really slow and outliner doesn’t update until resizing the editor, while in edit mode.

Day 13: punk

Time: 2 hours LOL

Comment: somehow i mislead myself the crash is still there, I did my daily 1 hours on this model when i was about to save Blender crashed and i lost 1 hour of work :frowning: The version you are looking at is the second try i did it with a lot bitterness :frowning:

For people who work with Matcap can one of you lend me your eyes?

Tip of the day: In blender 2.8, in the outliner drag the name to an other collection it will move the object, don’t drag the icon.

Day 16: Helmet

Time: about an hour

Comment: Now i m starting know what I’m doing in Blender 2.8. No crash lady and gentleman and cleverly i sneaked 2 bugs reports :slight_smile:

Wow, doing 31 days of sculpts in pre-alpha 2.8, that is a very gutsy move that could make or break your drive as an artist (considering that basic things like bone animation have not returned yet)!?

As for the work, it’s a good effort considering where the version is right now.

Thanks for showing up here sweet Dragon :slight_smile: i have decided since the beginning that i will use this January to learn Blender 2.8 to try to update my workflow to blender 2.8 and i m not planning to do all 31 days, i m already so busy and subject that excites me i do only 1 hours study :wink: