Japanese Bathroom

Modeled in Blender - rendered with yafaray.


very nice. one thing, the sink faucet looks like it’s flat, not round.

yep it is has a rectangular cross section with rounded edges.

this one looks very photo-real but most of all I am enjoying the color composition, very energetic.

the sink looks too blocky, its the only thing ruining this picture from being photorealistic

Looks good. I like the carpet. It looks really natural.

Great texturing and lighting!:yes:
the white arc above the sink(mirror?) is a little too bright:(

Thx for the comments.

The colors were defined with a color design technique by analyzing the red blossom image I used for the background and doors. Color Schemer is a great tool for that.

Concerning the mir arc you would be surprised how bright they often are.

But I am doing a new rendering where the mirror has a slight gradation.

I don’t like it.
The red wall looks like it’s totally flat.
The shapes are primitive…

Fort Ash

Thats sad - the primitive shapes are those you find at the store to buy - sad world …

Very nice! But I agree about with Fort Ash about the red wall, it should have some kind of bump, noise… I don’t know, something to make it less flat.
Also, it would be better to let the mirror reflect something.
Great style, Japanese do it better.

I think that the main elements of the bathroom assembly are over-exposed. They’re “blown-out white.”

Now, if you response is, “they’re white!” … then one of the weird secrets of location photography is that nothing in a scene is ever quite “white.” Pure-white is the blank page of the magazine, not the picture inside it. So, the white objects need some kind of surface-treatment … some kind of texturing, some interplay from multiple light sources.

The true amount of light they reflect should be +1.5 or so f-stops greater than the objects which are immediately adjacent to them, which will make them appear bone-white, but nevertheless the surfaces retain some, however slight, variation of color and texture.

The eye can pick-up and look for a lot of little “inconsequential” detail. For instance, you’ve got a light-source coming in from around nine o’clock, enough to cast a shadow on the floor, but … no backlight on either cup? Not even a single “kiss” of that light on the left side of the sink, giving a tiny fill-light on the countertop below? The surface of the countertop is shiny enough to reflect an object on our-right side of the sink, yes, but … not the left side?

Save time and composite this over the very fine shot you now have. It will make all the difference.

The white arc above the sink does not look natural. Overall is attractivel!

I agree with zhone, the arc shape should be a mirror. After all, it is above the sink?

Good job, I like the color, lighting and composition.

as I mentioned I am doing an adjustment to the mirror.
It reflects a wall outside with a light cone pattern to give the mirror actually something to show.

The chrome reflections of the sink I think are ok.

The vase and brush work is indeed blown out. Thats a correct observation. In the new scene the settings are changed to prevent it from being over exposed.


interesting take about the lights, I have 3 area lights. 1 key right, a fill left, and a back drop on the backwall. The issue you talk abotu is something I found tough to set right in yafaray to make the light setting similar to how it would be with a real light situation.

Wow, I like :yes:
I am amazed at your yafaray skillz.

would you mind sharing your yafaray setup/ workflow settings?

I did a quickie render in yafaray awhile ago , so I know the basics, but I’m always looking to learn from someone who is more comfortable working in yafaray than I am.:yes:


Here is a screenshot

It shows the light setups and position.

Right to left the lights gets softer. No background calculation so I only use lamps for indirect illumination.

It is also a open scene design. You see that there is a spot light shooting a light cone onto a wall. That is what forms the reflection in the mirror.

Do you need more?

BTW there are people which are ten times better than I am.
Check out the Indigo gallery for architects …

One more thing, The stool looks to have come straight out of the furniture store. It would look better if you added some bump and specular maps to it.
And, sorry for being so picky!:spin:


that is true - I can add some bump, while from that distance you might not see so much.