Japanese garden

It is time to look back and compare how much I have improved in 3D. In 2013 I made a scene for a subject at the university. It had to be in Maya and my computer was very modest, it took 8 hours of rendering in both scenes and making changes was almost impossible. Today, 7 years later, I made the scene again, this time with a better computer and of course better software, it took 1 hour and 20 minutes to render both scenes. I used some assets and textures from Quixel.

Blender 2.81, Cycles.




Humm… found this interesting. I like both equally but for different reasons.
I think your blender version has a mystic feel to it and your maya version has an animated feel to it, i think they both look great. Also cool that you did a day and night. The statues in the blender bridge posts are a nice touch.

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I had not seen it like this, thank you very much

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