Japanese room


I’m quite new to Blender but I made an environment. Just looking for some feedback on my room.


There is a problem with the mats on the floor actually. As you can see from this image that I created (the same mat that is used).:


Compare it to the ones in my scene and there isn’t really any texture coming through. I did a test, and I moved the camera about a bit (closer to the mats, changd the angle, etc) and the texture did show well - also, the lighting played quite a big part, but still the texture only really showed through when I moved the camera. I’m just wondering if anyone could tell me what I can do to make the texture show through in the room. Is there a setting I can do?

Also, any comments / criticisms are welcome. I think the lighting might be a bit off, but with the rendering time, it’s difficult to ‘perfect’.

Oh, and by the way, I have no idea what the Kanji on the scroll means.


Lighting is kinda weak and whatever is beyond window is not up to quality of scene. You got very nice models, well textured but lighting and composition spoils everything

Do you recommend I should add more lights / strengthen the energy of the lights I already have? In terms that the room is too dull?

Also, what do you mean by the composition? Where the objects are placed in the scene?

thanks for the feedback.

Looks nice, but needs more lighting, (ambient occ?) and the pillows could use some work.

Ambient occ is on.

I think the pillows looked better from other renders I made, but that was because I had the lighting different.

What kind of lighting do you recommend? It’s probably my weakest thing in Blender :frowning:

Thanks again

See- you got some nicely modeled objects but you have them in darkest area of image. Some ideas (some of them might be good- some not, you do not know until you will not try) Try lighting those lanterns with omni lights (for example), maybe put camera lower (to point of view of person actually sitting on the floor). I’d rather avoid “sun” lighting type as it gives sharp shadows. “Fill up” scene with like 0.3 value omni with long range but not casting shadows. Use shoji as a lightsource- like in this shot:


I really like it but I think RK’s got it right


I added some more lights - what do you think?

I tried to get the texture showing more through on the mats… I fiddled about with the ref and spec tabs on the image texture and it did show through, but not as much as I would like :frowning:

Getting better :slight_smile: Floor could use some work.

yeah, the floor should look like this http://img99.imageshack.us/my.php?image=tatamitc5.jpg but for some reason it doesn’t show when I render my room. Like I said previously, the floor in the render of the room should look like it does in the link above, however I have no idea why it doesn’t.

Um, no. Have you actually seen tatami very, very close? Tatami is woven. Using just normal mapping might not quite cut it enough to give the right feel. If you look at some of my posts you’ll see the trouble I’ve had with tatami texture.
One of the reasons why it doesn’t look “right” is because your “tatami” is one solid color. There should be color variation.

Secondly, you’ve got the dimensions wrong. A narrow door should be as wide as tatami. Basically, in Japanese achi, everything is “x times tatami”. Also the floor pattern is questionable, but I can’t see the whole of it from this angle, so it’s hard to tell.


Thanks for the reply.

When I said “the floor should look like this http://img99.imageshack.us/my.php?image=tatamitc5.jpg” I meant that it should look like the way I’ve made it, but it doesn’t look like that when i put those exact same mats into my scene (the ones on the link).

I saw your post on the tatami you made and it looks good. The way you’ve done it does show off how some tatami mats are made in real life (some - i asked my Japanese friend and he said so, but I havn’t seen other ways personally other than the closely woven ones). Can I ask you how you made your tatami model? And do you have a final rendering of a finished one?

Also, about the layout of my tatami mats - they aren’t really supposed to follow the Japanese style strictly, but I might sort them out.

thanks again